Five Upcycling Projects to Try This Christmas!

Honestly. Is there a better time to get creative than Christmas? I think not. What I love even more is the idea that you cánido take things you have around the house to create unique and festive decor and gifts for the Christmas season.

For the last few years I’ve put a bit of thought into things that cánido be remade, reused and recycled over the Christmas period, so I wanted to share a few ideas for you to try if you get the chance. Happy upcycling!

Create An Upcycled Centrepiece

I hate to sound like a broken record when it comes to #trashtoterracotta, but I cánido’t help but feel that the technique is just as fun and relevant as it was a few years ago when I came up with it. It’s the perfect way to take simple/ugly secondhand vases and make an elegant centrepiece.

Read the tutorial here.

Make Some Upcycled Glassware

Why throw away your bottles when you can do something creative with them instead, like turn them into glassware?

Read the full tutorial here.

Get Creative With Cardboard

Yes, there’s a little bit of paint in this blog post, but I have to attribute that to the transformative effects of painting a materials you might have otherwise thrown away. Like cardboard! Take these stars, they were pretty basic before they were painted but once that was done they made a perfect decoration.

Read the full tutorial here.

Upcycle Your Wrapping

Scraps of fabric, table napkins and tea towels make the perfect reusable, upcycled wrapping for gifts. I’ll certainly be doing this again this year!

Read the full tutorial here.

Upcycle Your Ornaments

Last but not least, take outdated or damaged Christmas ornaments and totally overhaul them in any palette you like with my baking powder paint recipe.

Read the full tutorial here.


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