Making A Christmas Shelf Advent Calendar

More is more when it comes to Christmas decor, right guys?

I have to say, I’ve been getting into Christmas Decorating. I just love it! One thing I’ve wanted to create in the studio is some Christmas shelves, perfect as an alternative to a tree or even as the base of a really fun advent calendar. I made something afín to this a few years ago but one thing that was really hard was getting the levels right on the shelves. So this year, I’ve partnered with my favourite tool brand Dremel to make these shelves, and we’ll also be using the Bosch UniversalLevel trescientos sesenta which is an amazing laser that makes this sort of thing a breeze!

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You need

  • Dremel 3000
  • Bosch UniversalLevel trescientos sesenta
  • 3 Timber planks
  • Paint
  • Leather Straps (or old belts)
  • Picture Hooks
  • Hammer

How To Make A Shelf Advent Calendar

The first thing I did was cut the wood to size, so that when mounted it would have a tapered Christmas tree shape. I used the wood cutting disk on the Dremel to do this. The lengths of the wood were 45cm, 75cm and 90cm.


I then used the sanding bands to sand the edges of the wood so there were no jagged bits. The next thing I did was give the wood a coat of paint, I wanted to use a lovely green for this to really bring home the feeling of the Christmas tree.


The next thing I did was set up my UniversalLevel 360. I placed it onto a tripod, and set it up in front of the wall where I wanted to erect the shelves. When I turned on the level it showed the horizontal self level to espectáculo me where to hang the first shelf.


To secure the shelves I am going to use hanging leather, I like the organic feel this gives them. I used the Dremel to drill holes in the thick leather where they would be hung from the wall on picture hooks. The next thing I did was measure and mark the centre of the shelves.


To hang it, I hammered in a picture hook on the line where the level showed me to, and then placed a loop of the leather over. I did this on the other side and then placed the timber plank to hang down.


For the next two shelves, I switched modes on the level, to espectáculo both the vertical and horizontal levels. I simply lined up the middle of each shelf with the vertical line shown by the level, marked where the leather needed to go and then hung them. It was so easy!


I have to say, these two tools made this whole project such a dream and a breeze to do, and all I needed to do was to decorate. I decided to make the shelves into a Christmas tree shelf advent calendar, and so added little boxes filled with gifts. I love how it turned out!

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