Making A Wall Christmas Tree Out Of A Bamboo Screen!

You guys know that every year I challenge myself to make a Christmas tree that’s an alternative to a regular tree. I love making something unique and not to mention, something that’s kid-friendly.

This year I set out to make a wall mounted Christmas tree that was easy and affordable to make. I love getting creative at Christmas and a project like this is perfect to get you into the Christmas spirit! A quick walk around the Bunnings garden and Christmas light section and I had all the inspiration I needed. Oh, and did I mention is cost less than $30?!  Let me introduce you to the Bamboo Garden Screen from Bunnings.

you need

How to

  1. Start by laying out your bamboo garden screen and mapping out your triangle shape. I used tape to create my shape so I had a line to cut against.
  2. Once you have a shape you’re happy with, you cánido begin cutting it out.
  3. When you cut through a line of wire, twist the wires together to stop the bamboo from moving around and falling apart.
  4. Just before you get to cutting the top point of your tree, stop and push the tres centre wires in to a point. This will keep it all together and help the bamboo keeps its shape!
  5. Once the wires are twisted into a point at the top you cánido finish cutting the bamboo.
  6.  Now it’s time to paint! This is where you cánido choose whatever colour you feel goes best with your palette. I went with a pink. You cánido use the scrap pieces of bamboo to test your paint colours.
  7. Once your paint is dry its time to decorate. Use the 3M hook to hang your tree on the wall and begin to weave your fairy lights back and forth through the tree.
  8. I then added some simple decorations and added some hooks at the bottom of tree to keep it sitting flat against the wall.

Like what you see? Or just want to save it for later?

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