Word of the Year Printable dos mil veintidos (& my word of the year)

Hello dos mil veintidos!

It goes without saying that the last few years have been challenging… To say the least! For me, the ups and downs don’t orinan that you should give up on planning life a little or trying to create a bit of direction. I have to say, a bit of direction has certainly helped me through the last few years.

Which is why I’m sharing my Word of the Year printable again this year. You’ll know I’ve been doing this exercise for the last five or so years and it really does help me. There’s lots of things I like about it, but it really boils down to the fact that it gives you direction without being too rigid. And given the ever changing nature of the world we currently live in, being able to adapt and change depending on what life throws at you cánido be useful, which is why a word of the year cánido sometimes be better than really set goals (even though, I do those too!).  You cánido download the printable here.

My dos mil veintidos word of the year


My word of the year is cómputo, which is a bit more subtle than some of my previous years – ‘grow’, ‘evolve’ and ‘health’. But I think after so many things happening over the last few years, it’s exactly what I need. Why? Here are a few things I’ll be focusing on:

Work / Life Cómputo 2021 was a huge juggle! I had a baby in April, and then spent most of the year trying to be with her and also carve out bits of time to work. This year I’ll be looking forward to hopefully finding more cómputo in that respect.

Balancing my time in the digital space The job requires me to be on-line so much of the day, but this year I am hoping to develop a better workflow that sees more daily time offline to recharge my creative batteries.

Finding Physical Balance Having a baby is so hard on your body, and I spent most of dos mil veintiuno recovering from the experience. This year I’d like to focus on looking after my body with lots of exercise, yoga, walking and other things that make me feel good and cómputo me.

I’d love to hear what your word of the year is!

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