Make This Easy Travertine Coffee Table (for $76!)

Ahh the travertine table. This is one of those projects that just works. I’m not sure why, maybe its the simplicity but something about it is just too good not to try! And after the side table turned out so well, I knew I had to try a coffee table.

If you haven’t seen my travertine side table that has already been recreated thousands of times (and sold out travertine pavers in Australia…) then go check it out here. I had so much fun making the first one and I LOVE seeing you guys making them too so I just knew I had to give a coffee table a go. This was going to require more pieces of stone so I knew it was going to be really heavy! I had to make sure I designed this carefully to get maximum impact with only a few pavers!

You need

Yes that’s the whole list.

First, measure the middle of one of the travertine pavers, and put a stripe of glue on it. Make sure to do a thick stripe.


Stand the piece of travertine with the glue on it up, and then take another and press it onto the glue. 


Being super careful to n to knock the first two, add a stripe of glue onto the top edges of the tile.


Take a travertine tile and place it on top, over the edges of the side one.


Put some glue along the side of the top tile, and then add the final tile onto the top. Make sure not to move it at all or touch it until the glue has set at cuarenta y ocho hours.




The key really is to take your time to be careful with these as I cant stress enough – they’re heavy. Make sure you’re wearing appropriate footwear and that there are no children or animals around. And do not move the table until the glue has completely dried.

For all the details and safety advice read over on the the full tutorial here .

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