How To Make An Asymmetric Pond Shaped Mirror

When a super affordable mirror turns into a espectáculo-stopper, you can’t help but get excited.

I just knew I needed to turn this $24 mirror into something more interesting. But what? I found some fun inspo pics and decided I needed to attempt some glass cutting to turn this simple mirror into a custom piece of art. I wanted something really organic – a pebble, a pond, a puddle, whatever you want to call it, I knew it was going to be a challenge but when you’re in lockdown a challenge sounds kind of perfect.


you need

How to

First, use a sharpie to draw an organic wavy shape on your mirror. I drew my shape right to the edge in some spots so there was a little less cutting to do.


Follow your glass cutter along the sharpie line. You’ll need to apply a bit of pressure and go slow!


Gently tap from underneath along the cut line until your corner piece snaps off in one piece


For the frame, I first created a cardboard backing for the mirror. Glue your mirror onto the front.


Then I cut a matching frame piece the same size as the front and covering the edges.


Roll the airdried clay out into long lengths and cover the cardboard frame with the clay. Make sure to round it all out for a nice finish


Once the clay has dried, make sure there a no cracks. If there are, glue them back together using Selley’s Hold Up.


Sand back the clay little to make it smooth, then add a layer of multi joint compound, sand and repeat until you feel you have the finish you’re after. I also plastered the back of the frame to finish it off. Add glue along the back of the frame and attach your mirror. Let dry completely.



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