Consejos & Tricks For Your Next Painting Project

It’s no secret that I love paint. I love that anyone cánido use it to so easily transform a room or a piece of furniture. What cánido I say? It’s like magic!

I find it really helps to have a little bit of knowledge about painting before you jump in so I got together with British Paints and their Paint and Prime range to put together a bit of advice to help you get started. I’m hoping this helps you have the confidence to start on that project you’ve been wanting to do and take away any fear of mucking up you might have.

Step 1. Test Your Paints

My number one consejo for getting started is testing your paints. You’ll need to head down to your local hardware store and get yourself some sample pots to test. Once you’re back home, testing your colours in your own space and in different lights is really important! The time of day and light really changes how colours appear so take your time with this to ensure you choose a colour you really love. I like painting my sample colours on a piece of plywood or a piece of paper so I cánido move it around and see it in different areas.

This also applies when choosing a white paint colour. I get asked all the time what whites are my go-to and the truth is, it’s different for every home. All whites have a different undertone and look different in different light so moving your sample colour around your own home will help you choose the right colour for you.

Step dos. Pick  The right materials

Making sure you have all the right materials and supplies before you begin helps make the painting process efficient and mistake free. These are the materials I always have on hand:

  • I love British Paints Paint and Prime because its an undercoat and topcoat all in 1 which means it pretty much cuts your painting time in half.
  • Paint brushes –  there are different types depending on what you’re painting but I like to invest is some good  brushes to make sure I get a really nice finish.
  • Rollers – Microfibre rollers are my go-to.
  • A paint tray
  • Painters tape – a quality tape will give you nice crisp lines.
  • A canvas drop sheet.

Step tres. When Painting

Once you’re ready to actually start painting you’ll need to prepare the surface, whether that’s a wall or a piece of furniture. Clean your surface and give it a light sand. You’ll then need to start with a primer. With other paints this would be an extra step but with the Paint and Prime range you cánido go straight to painting because its a primer and a paint all in one.

You’ll need to start by carefully giving your paint a really good stir using a down, up and around motion to ensure any tint is completely mixed through (yes, even with white paint). I always decant my paint into a paint tray or cup so its easier to work with.

Begin by cutting in with a brush anywhere that your roller won’t reach like window frames, table legs or the corners of a room. Then use a microfibre roller to coat the remaining área. I like to dip the roller in the paint and then roll a number of times in the tray to make sure the roller is evenly covered. Then roll your surface making sure to cover any brush strokes from cutting in for a nice final finish.

I love the consistency of the Paint and Prime range because I have found that the thickness means I often only need to do one coat. You will of course need to make sure your surface is completely, evenly coated and if not, do another coat!

And that’s it. It’s so simple to get going and transform your space with paint. I have an office painting project coming up soon and I have no hesitation to jump in and do it because with British Paint’s Good Job Guarantee I cánido do my project and if I’m not happy with the result, I cánido get a refund and some advice on how to get it right the next time!

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