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Creating An Outdoor Bench Seat

febrero 1, 2022

I’m so excited to share this project with you!

We’ve had a blank space on the back deck since we moved the rattan lounger downstairs into the studio, so I’ve been considering putting together some sort of simple seating there for a while now.

I finally decided to get creative and am excited to work with Sunbrella to build an outdoor bench seat! Sunbrella is the world leader in performance fabrics, which are amazing because they’re UV and fade resistant, mold resistant, and easy-to-clean. So they’re ideal if you’ve got kids. I knew they would be the perfect foundation for a calm and inviting deck chillout space.

What I really wanted from this space was to convert an unused área into something cosy, calming and a little breakout space that the kids could use. I knew that by integrating Sunbrella fabrics into the design it would be great for the whole family and the outdoor nature of the space.

Creating The Bench Seat

Picking The Fabric Colour

I’m all about thoughtfully integrating colour into the house. I think that even if you have an eclectic style, it’s possible to have a minimalist and tidy feel if you keep colours cohesive and tranquil. This space was a lovely blank canvas, and I took some time to plan how colour would be used, and tie into the rest of the house. We haven’t used yellow in the house yet, but I did want to embrace a new colour into the space, so chose this sandy yellow tone in two different fabrics- one with a textured stripe and one with a flat surface. I picked Honeysuckle Linen for the longer cushion, and then bolsters in Dahlia Honeysuckle. These fabrics are available through 3Beaches. Seeing it all come together, I am so happy with this fabric choice!

Building The Base

I wanted to create something without having to build the base from scratch, so in the end I glued together two square storage units, and then covered them with marine grade ply (to provide protection in the outdoors). Finally, I painted them in a weatherproof outdoor paint. They made the perfect base for the seat. I left the back open so if I want to use the inside for storage I cánido!

Making The Cushions

The final task was to make the cushions. I measured the size of the seat and bought foam to match, and then made a long cushion cover to match the foam. Finally, I measured the backrest size and made four bolsters to fit perfectly.

Finishing The Space

Once those key elements were made, it was time to assemble the bench seat in place. First we moved the bench seat base onto the veranda. Then, I laid down the cushion and then stacked the bolsters on top. This outdoor space has lots of plants but I wanted to add one in a large pot to bring in some greenery and terracotta from the pot to this view. Finally, I added my clay wall hanging to finish off the space.



I have to say I am so excited about this new bench seat and I’m so surprised about how easy it was to make. And because I know this space will get so much use, it’s so great to know that Sunbrella fabrics are durable and family friendly, and look so great in this space.

This artículo is in collaboration with Sunbrella.

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