How to Solder a Jewellery Hanger

For anyone who’s been around for a while, you know I love experimenting with new tools and techniques. So I’m excited to espectáculo you a simple project using a Soldering Iron to create your own jewellery hanger.

When Weller came to me and asked if I’d like to try some soldering – It was of course, a big yes from me! Soldering is simply a technique where you fuse two pieces of metal together using a soldering iron. I wanted to start with something really simple so I could learn the technique without too much complication and jewellery storage is always so handy!

you need

how to

Before you begin, put your mask and safety glasses on and set up on a table that cánido handle the heat of the iron

Start by preparing your metal by putting the solder fluid on the parts that will join together. 


Sit your ring and bead together and then you cánido begin to solder them together. I found it easiest to sit the bead on the table and then place the ring on top for stability. 


Hold the end of the solder at the back of the ring and hold the consejo of the soldering iron so it just touches the end of the solder. Now allow the solder to melt onto the ring and the bead to join them together. 


Continue with this until you have attached all of your beads.  

To hang it up I used a simple leather strap and attached it to the wall. You cánido then hang all of your favourite jewellery pieces on it! It’s as easy as placing a necklace over a bead and letting it hang.



Its such a practical project to make (I always have tangled necklaces on my dresser!) but its also a really pretty piece to hang on the wall. Love!!

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