Making A Tent Bed For Frankie’s Room

I may or may not have had the cosiest nap in Frankie’s new whimsical tented kids bed… Can you blame me though?

I had been wanting to create something special using this house bed of Frankie’s for a while, and recently got my hands on some gorgeous Sheridan blankets and bedding from the Sheridan Kids bedding collection, and jumped at the chance to create a little cosy bedroom set up.

I simply used three of Sheridan’s Maelle Blankets and attached them to both sides and the top to create the tent-like feel.

By adding a few strands of fairy lights, I was able to make a little magical space that transformed Frankie’s room and added a warm and cozy touch during these colder nights.

I’m in love with the way this turned out (so was Frankie), the blankets and Mazzie Kids Quilt Cover matched perfectly with the rest of Frankies bedroom. If pink isn’t quite the right colour, Sheridan also has a gorgeous selection of colours in their Naville Throw.

This project is in collaboration with Sheridan.

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