A Little Refresh on Our Back Deck

A little back deck refresh…

I’ve been wanting the give our deck a little update for a while nice. We’re had an old table and mismatched chairs up their for a bit and while a pretty linen table cloth clovers it nicely, it’s so lovely to have a beautiful wooden table out there!

We’re very lucky in that our back deck closes up quite well and is pretty sheltered from the elements., and since we don’t have a dining table inside, we love having a beautiful dining table our on the deck. The sliding doors are open almost year round and the deck becomes like an extension of inside, so I like to have furniture that feels cosy and not too ‘outdoorsy’.

I spent ages pouring over the options deciding on a look I wanted for this space. Something simple and uncluttered but that all had enough character and personality in its own right.

what I chose

I chose the Marlow Extension Dining Table from Lounge Lovers because I wanted something we could extend when we have family and friends round. It makes it the perfect size for when its just us, or when there’s lots of people here. The extension function is actually so discrete and functional, I cien% recommend it.

For the chairs, I chose the Cafe Dining Chairs and dos Cafe with Arms Dining Chairs for either end, both in natural oak. I loved the warmth and relaxed look of them.

Lounge Lovers Deck Update

Lounge Lovers Deck Update

Lounge Lovers Deck Update

Lounge Lovers Deck Update

Lounge Lovers Deck Update

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